The 2nd International
Pediatrics Association
A World of Difference
December 7-10, 2017
Mumbai, India
The 2nd International
Pediatrics Association
A World of Difference
December 7-10, 2017
Mumbai, India


Aisha Yousafzai

Aisha Yousafzai

Aisha Yousafzai, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Global Health at Harvard University. She has also been an Associate Professor, Early Childhood Development and Disability in the Division of Women and Child Health, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan. She has over ten years of experience in community based programs in both South Asia and East Africa.

Dr. Alice Newton

Alice Newton

Alice Newton, MD, specializes in child abuse and neglect. She is the Medical Director of the Child Protection Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital, working with a team which evaluates children who may be victims of child maltreatment.

Dr. Amit Sen

Amit Sen

Amit Sen, MBBS, MD, MRC (Psy), CCST, is a psychiatrist and founder of Children First Mental Health Institute in New Delhi, India.

Andy Shih

Andy Shih

Andy Shih, Ph.D., is Senior Vice President, Public Health and Inclusion in Autism Speaks. He works closely with members of Autism Speaks’ Board, Scientific Advisory Committee, senior staff, and volunteer leadership to develop and implement the organization’s research program.

Dr. Anushree Sane

Anushree Sane

Anushree Sane, M.O.Th (Developmental Disabilities), an occupational therapist, is associated with Ummeed Child Development Center, Mumbai.She has served as a Research Assistant on the NIH funded IGMCD (International Guide for Monitoring Child Development) research project. She is a trainer and mentor for community health workers under Ummeed’s CDA (Child Development Aide) program and has presented Ummeed’s work at the national and international levels.

Ashwini Vaishampayan

Ashwini Vaishampayan

Ashwini Vaishampayan, OTD, has over twenty years of experience as an occupational therapist, specializing in pediatric neurology. She is the Director of Early Childhood Development and Disability programs at Ummeed Child Development Center, Mumbai.

Dr. Bernadette Daelmans

Bernadette Daelmans

Bernadette Daelmans, MD, is the team coordinator in the Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health in the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. She is a member of the Steering Team that prepared the Lancet series Advancing Early Childhood Development: from Science to Scale (2016).

Dr. Bolajoko Olusanya

Bolajoko Olusanya

Bolajoko Olusanya, MBBS, FMC (Paed), FRCPCH, PhD, is a developmental paediatrician by training with special interest in the socio-biological determinants of optimal early childhood development for children with special needs. She currently serves as Executive Director of the Centre for Healthy Start Initiative, Lagos, Nigeria.

Dr. Brian Forsyth

Brian Forsyth

Brian Forsyth, MB ChB, FRCP(C) is Professor of Pediatrics and Yale Child Study Center at Yale University School of Medicine and is Deputy Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary research on AIDS (CIRA) at Yale.He and Dr. Ilgi Ertem are co-principal investigators on the study developing theInternational Guide to Monitor and Support Child Development (IGMCD). He has regularly served as a research mentor for junior investigators and medical students conducting international research.

Dr. Carol Weitzman

Carol Weitzman

Carol Weitzman is a Professor of Pediatrics and the Child Study Center at the Yale School of Medicine. She is the Director of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics. She is the chair of the steering committee for the DBP Research Network and just completed her role as the course director for DB: Prep, the largest Developmental behavioral pediatrics continuing medical education course. Dr. Weitzman has participated in Collaborative Office Rounds for approximately 20 years and is the PI on the iCOR and iCOR2 grants.

Dr. Cheryl Dissanayake

Cheryl Dissanayake

Cheryl Dissanayake, Ph.D., is a Professor in Developmental Psychology at the La Trobe University, and Founder and Director of the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre, the first research facility in Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Ezgi Özalp Akın

Ezgi Özalp Akın

Ezgi Özalp Akın is a fellow in Developmental Pediatrics at Ankara University School of Medicine. She was one of the Organizing Committee Members of the 1st International Developmental Pediatrics Congress. She has trained pediatricians and other health care professionals in using International Guide for Monitoring Child Development in Turkey. She is currently one of the Secretarial Board Members of International Developmental Pediatrics Association (IDPA).

Dr. Ghassan Issa

Ghassan Issa

Ghassan Issa is a Pediatrician from Lebanon. He is co-founder and general coordinator of an Arab regional non-governmental organization, The Arab Resource Collective (ARC) that was established in 1988 for better childhood, Health for all and community development in the Arab region. He is Director of the Arab Program for Early Childhood Development (APECD) and is a member of the Technical Advisory Committee on Early Childhood Development of the International Pediatric Association (IPA) and the Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum (MENA-HPF).

Dr. Heidi Feldman

Heidi Feldman

She is a Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford University, CA. and the Medical Director of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Programs at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. She is a Member of the Executive Committee and Steering Committee, DBPNet: A research network in developmental-behavioral pediatrics. Dr Feldman has participated in the International Collaborative Office Rounds.

Dr. Ilgi Ertem

Ilgi Ertem

Ilgi Ertem, MD, is a Professor of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at the Ankara University Medical College, Turkey and a Visiting Professor of Pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine, USA. She is the Founding President of the International Developmental Pediatrics Association (IDPA). She is an advisor to WHO and UNICEF on child development and disability. She has also developed the International Guide for Monitoring Child Development (IGMCD) - a tool to monitor and support the development of young children.

Dr. Jane Lucas

Jane Lucas

Jane E. Lucas is a consultant in early childhood development with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and other international organizations. She has worked for more than ten years on designing and implementing the WHO/UNICEF intervention on Care for Child Development (CCD).

Dr. Jehanzeb Baldiwala

Jehanzeb Baldiwala

Jehanzeb Baldiwala, MA (Applied Psychology) is the Director of Mental Health services at Ummeed Child Development Center, Mumbai and the head of Ummeed’s training center. She has been instrumental in developing the Mental Health Training Program at Ummeed in collaboration with Narrative Practices, Adelaide and Reauthoring Teaching, Vermont.

Dr. Jo Chopra McGowan

Jo Chopra McGowan

Jo Chopra McGowan is co-founder and director of the Latika Roy Foundation, a voluntary organization for children with special needs in Dehradun, India which has worked with thousands of families in its 23 years of existence.

Dr. Judith Palfrey

Judith Palfrey

Judith Palfrey, MD, is the T. Berry Brazelton Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, USA. She was chief of the Division of General Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital, Boston for 22 years and the President-Elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics for 2009-2010. Currently, she is the Director of the Global Pediatrics Program at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Koyeli Sengupta

Koyeli Sengupta

Koyeli Sengupta, MBBS, D.C.H, M.A. (Clinical Psychology) is a developmental and behavioural pediatrician at Ummeed Child Development Center, Mumbai, India. With her as the Director, Ummeed's Autism Intervention Services have developed into a range of clinical services and training initiatives that build capacity in the community to provide comprehensive autism care to children and families.

Dr. Lisa Dobberteen

Lisa Dobberteen

Lisa Dobberteen, MD, is a pediatrician at Cambridge Family Health, part of the Cambridge Health Alliance in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and an assistant professor in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. She is the director of READ (Read Each And every Day), a childhood literacy program which promotes the importance of reading in primary care settings throughout the Cambridge Health Alliance.

Dr. Mary Daniel

Mary Daniel

Mary Daniel MBBS, MMed (Ped), FAMS, EdM (Harvard) is the Head of Department and a Senior Consultant in the Department of Child Development, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. She serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in the National University of Singapore. She is a collaborator in the GUSTO study, a longitudinal outcome study of a birth cohort in Singapore.

Merry Barua

Merry Barua

Merry Barua is the Founder-Director of Action for Autism, New Delhi. She is an activist, trainer, and consultant for parents, caregivers, and families of children with autism spectrum disorders. She is the recipient of the 2015 Advocate Award from INSAR (International Society for Autism Research) for creating the autism community in India, founding the school in New Delhi, and advocating for more positive attitudes to ASD globally.

Mphele Mulaudzi

Mphele Mulaudzi

Mphelekedzeni Caroline Mulaudzi is a specialist paediatrician and adjunct professor in the Department of Paediatrics and Child Heath at the University of Pretoria, Kalafong Hospital. Her areas of interest are in child health with a primary focus on child development, growth and nutrition, and anemia in children. She was a co- investigator in developing the International Guide for Monitoring and Supporting Child Development (IGMCD).

Dr. Nandita Desouza

Nandita Desouza

Nandita DeSouza, MD, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, has been working exclusively in the field of child and family mental health for over eighteen years, with a special interest in autism and parenting. She is the Director of SETHU Child Development and Family Guidance Centre at Goa in India.

Dr. Pervin Dadachanji

Pervin Dadachanji

Pervin Dadachanji is a practicing psychiatrist and consultant at Ummeed and NH Children's Hospital, with a special interest in child and adolescent psychiatry. She has authored a book called Recipes for Parenting. She also conducts workshops for parents, children and adolescents on sexuality and body science.

Dr. Ramzi Nasir

Ramzi Nasir

Ramzi Nasir, MD, MPH is a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. He is currently developing screening and intervention strategies for children with disabilities during humanitarian emergencies.

Revan Mustafayev

Revan Mustafayev

Revan Mustafayev is a developmental paediatrician, scholar at Ankara University and a practising paediatrician in TOBB ETU Hospital, Ankara. His specific interest is in promotion of Early Childhood Development within health systems and has collaborated with colleagues in the CEE/CIS region to promote developmental paediatrics in the region. He is also a Master Trainer in the International Guide for Monitoring Child Development (IGMCD).

Riddhi Mehta

Riddhi Mehta

Riddhi Mehta is a Developmental Pediatrician at Ummeed Child Development Center, Mumbai. She has worked as a Research Assistant in the development of the International Guide for Monitoring Child Development. Shared decision making with children and their families is an area of interest for her.

Dr. Roopa Srinivasan

Roopa Srinivasan

Roopa Srinivasan, MBBS, DNB, is the Director of Developmental Paediatrics and Clinical Services at Ummeed Child Development Center. In her role as the Director of Developmental Pediatrics, she is also the coordinator of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics accredited Fellowship program in Developmental Pediatrics at Ummeed.

Scott Wright

Scott Wright

Scott Wright, MD, is a professor in the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He serves as the Director of the Division of General Internal Medicine at Hopkins. He is the Deputy Director for Medical Education Research at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and serves as the director of the medical education track of the GIM fellowship at Hopkins. With colleagues, he launched the Miller-Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence at Hopkins and serves as Director of the Academy, which is committed to recognizing and promoting excellence in patient care.

Shelja Sen

Shelja Sen

Shelja Sen, a child and adolescent psychologist and family therapist, is the co-founder of Children First Mental Health Institute in New Delhi, India. She has keen interest in building emotionally safe communities for children in schools, which nurture worthiness and creative learning.

Dr. Shoba Srinath

Shoba Srinath

Shoba Srinath, MD, is the Head of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services, Department of Psychiatry, National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore in India.

Dr. Srivieng Pairojkul

Srivieng Pairojkul

Srivieng Pairojkul, MD, is an Associate Professor at the Department of Pediatrics, KhonKaen University, Thailand. Her areas of interest include working with children in distress as well as pain management and palliative care in children.

Dr. Unni Narayanan

Unni Narayanan

Unni Narayanan, MBBS, M.Sc., FRCS, is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto and a Senior Scientist at the Bloorview Research Institute. He is the President of the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM).

Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy

Vibha Krishnamurthy

Vibha Krishnamurthy, MD, is a specialist in developmental and behavioral pediatrics. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Ummeed Child Development Center, Mumbai, and the current IDPA Congress president. She serves on expert committees related to Early Childhood Development and Disability for the WHO and Government of India.